1. Rain

    When it rains, it pours…and when it pours, it floods. That’s what happens when the Universe throws you off balance. The ratios change, and it seems like you’re the only one getting caught in the rain.

    It’s cold, lonely, and it’s relentless. The rain could care less about your weathered clothing, the quality of your umbrella, or your rain proof clogs. It doesn’t stop, and it blinds you as you try to walk faster, and faster out of the rain. Your heart races as you try to get out and take shelter under a permitting roof. Until you have to go out again, but this time, it’s harder. Your clothes feel heavy, you’re colder now, and everyone around you is a stranger…a passerby dealing with the same troubles.

    Could it be a passing cloud? Time decides that. In the meantime, we’re all just going to have to face the rain. Sometimes, I hate getting caught in it.

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