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    Morning necessities … (by kktp_)

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    Black Tea & Huckleberry Honey (by hannah * honey & jam)

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  5. treasure beyond price

    I am compelled to write by some virtue of a novel I’ve twice encountered. The first encounter was rather bereft, and I decided to leave this treasure only to return to it exactly one year later. The read itself was ephemeral, but to me, it left a lasting impression. Dai Sijie’s book, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamtress spoke to me in ways that the reactionary novels of the time spoke to the two main characters in the book. I felt an instant connection — almost as if a past life had permitted me some sense of ownership with regard to the semi-autobiographical work of fiction. Perhaps that was Dai Sijie’s way of saying that the Little Seamstress was not the only one to be re-educated through prominent works of literature. Indeed, a treasure beyond price.

    "I was carried away, swept along by the mighty stream of words pouring from the hundreds of pages. To me it was the ultimate book: once you had read it, neither your own life nor the world you lived in would ever look the same." - Dai Sijie (Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress)


  6. stay-at-home body

    the more I think of how close I am to finishing the term, the more I start to feel as if the weeks are going by slower. I have a teaching presentation due on monday, to be presented to a 5th grade class on thursday. Sometimes, on really dismal semestres such as this one, I wish that I had a stunt double. I’d let him do all of the dirty work, while I stay at home and wait for him to tell me how his day went. Completely rested, of course.

    I’d make a good homebody.

  7. 你猜怎么样!Chicken butt!! …..not nearly as effective billingually..-__-) !!!


  8. learning like a mofo

    I think the stress from the semestre is slowing building up, and that awful queasy feeling of being so full of paperwork, that if I were to vomit, a recycled research paper would probably be regurgitated from from my mind, crumpled and all. There must be something in my unconscious mind that my inner procrastinator is trying to tell me, but he usually waits until the last minute. Bastard. Somehow, I feel that I’m going to exhaust myself even more these next few months.

    Add oil.


  9. delighting me always

    I had an amasing cajun dinner tonight courtesy of Jean Ann and Rob. I don’t know how Layla and I can ever thank them for being so wonderful. Perhaps more food? Haha, despite my discriminating chinese palate, it’s obvious that I don’t really pay much attention to places that serve american food. I’ve always passed by the place and wondered if I would be better off eating something asian, only to realise that I’ve been missing out. The place is kinda dead, but there was something really comforting about being the only ones in the restaurant for most of the evening. And aside from half of the livestock from the southern united states being served at our table, there was enough room for dessert, and lots of laughs. Thanks once again Jean Ann and Rob~^^

  11. no space for glancing

    I don’t know how quite to explain it, but I have always had an attraction towards particular traits in people that I meet. They usually convey those traits in ways that catch my attention, and tend to remain at the back of my mind for weeks, if not months at a time. Carl Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious has always stood out to me. How one sees qualities in another that are inherently present in oneself, but are also unbeknownst to oneself.

    Unrelenting in my mind is the pursuit to metamorphose those particular traits into something meaningful. The proximity between myself and herself is insignificant, and is measured in glances.

  12. reverie

    With the senior party behind us, and by us, I mean my class collectively, we can finally rest assured that these next few months will be a fine transition into the final two semestres to come. The summer could not have come at a more opportune time. I was beginning to get worried that for some strange astronomical reason, the days were going by slower the closer we were to term. Maybe that was just me.

    Now onto summer, and a few reasons why the timing couldn’t be any better…
    1. I need to lose the many kgs that I’ve gained over the semestre (Fall & Spring). OMG!!
    2. My portfolio needs a good sorting. So does my car, room, kitchen, and wardrobe.
    3. I need time to convalesce after surviving yet another semestre.
    4. I promised my gf that I would take her to the zoo since a year ago. Time to make up.
    5. My cameras are getting dusty.
    6. It’s time to plant my very own herb garden!!
    7. When I told people that I was studying for NCLEX during the semestre, I really meant that I was going to be doing that now. For serious.
    8. I’ve been keeping energy drink stocks high since finals. My time off from school severely limits their per capita gains. That means prices will be lower again when the semestre starts.
    9. I can finally see my mum again, and the rest of the people in my life, besides Hockenberry, Wong, Davidson, London, and Ladewig (If you know who those people are, then you could really use a summer holiday as well).
    10. to be continued…

  13. kihiugoiugbiuhgiuig-deactivated asked: Hi Adrian! Thanks for the recommendation. I've been wondering what kind of film is good to use... I have a fisheye and with it I use regular kodak max. My shots don't come out how I'd like them to most of the time =/

    ps Your work is amazing

    Hi Stephanie! No problem. I recommended the ektar because Guam doesn’t have slide processing for professional films (because hardly anyone shoots film around here these days), and the ektar is pretty close to that. Since California has all of the pro labs (and E6 slide film processing), you can probably find yourself Fuji Velvia 50 slide film which is really good for shooting in daylight!

    E6 Slide Processing:
    Velvia 100 (don’t get the Velvia 100F…it kinda sucks, the colour is very neutral to the non-“F” version)
    Fuji Provia 400F (great for mounting slides)

    Print Film (c-41)
    Fuji Superia Reala 100 (good for people)
    Fujicolour Press (these are professional films…I’ve never tried them…maybe you can find them there :D)
    Kodak Ektar 100

    Hmm, if you happen to live in San Diego, there’s a place called Chrome Digital (http://www.chromedigital.com/) that does a really great job with film processing. I highly recommend them. You can also mail your stuff to them~

    Hope that helps, keep shooting!!



  14. lucid living, and dreaming in between

    I slept for 16hrs since yesterday evening. I think that was my body’s way of telling me I should really stop this nursing school thing. Just kidding. Though, I really should get more sleep, but my circadian rhythm has been all over the place this semestre. The good news is that in less than a week, it’ll all be over. My final exam is on the 16th of May, from 9am ‘til death, and I can only imagine how much sleep I’ll be getting then.
  15. Starfish (Taken with Instagram at Little Wangz Petlife)