1. bucket list

    things to do before I kick the bucket…
    1. Shoot more film
    2. Own a twin lens reflex camera
    3. Own a restaurant
    4. Get published
    5. Travel the entire span of the silk road
    6. Go to Egypt
    7. Get featured in an art gallery
    8. Go backpacking through the Europe with my friends
    9. And Asia :)
    10. Master French cooking
    11. Complete a Project 365 on flickr
    12. Jet set across Asia (or the world ;D)
    13. Learn Cantonese
    14. Own a Leica
    15. And relearn French
    16. Go to post-graduate school
    17. Own a ridiculously expensive suit
    18. Meet all of my flickr contacts… the non-weird ones~
    19. Write more
    20. Go to Vienna and have a Sachertorte
    21. Become a citable source for college students to dread over finding
    22. Practise more piano
    23. Own a hospital
    24. Create a photowall
    25. Paint my room
    26. Collaborate with my flickr buddy
    27. Go on a Hong Kong Walk
    28. Become a nurse
    29. Do star trail photography
    30. Do star trail photography successfully
    31. Shoot all of my friend’s weddings
    32. Test drive an Audi
    33. Learn to ride a bicycle
    34. Learn how to rollerblade
    35. Find a good hairstylist on Guam
    36. Find a bakery that sells amasing pandesal on Guam
    37. Experience zero gravity
    38. Read Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations
    39. Meet Joyce Carol Oates
    40. Photograph the green flash
    41. Make a short film
    42. Win a karaoke contest
    43. Go camping
    44. Own a husky
    45. Go dogsled riding
    46. Build an igloo
    47. Go to the arctic and see a polar bear (from a safe distance)
    48. Meet Wong Kar Wai
    49. Make $100 on Getty Images
    50. Play a significant role in a movie
    51. Own a Hasselblad
    52. Have my own darkroom, that isn’t my bathroom
    53. Take the Bernina Express from Chur, Switzerland to Tirano, Italy
    54. Learn to sculpt
    55. Publish a cookbook
    56. Make someone pee from laughter
    57. Buy a home and install wood floors
    58. Have a huge kitchen
    59. Attend at least one major sporting event in my life
    60. Go skydiving
    61. Go skydiving again
    62. Tell my life story to a complete stranger
    63. Make love on a train (haha ;p)
    64. Go skiing
    65. Take a trip alone to another country
    66. Make a time capsule
    67. Write my memoirs
    68. Go on a road trip with friends across the United States
    69. Be a health care provider at a magnet hospital
    70. Own a magnet hospital
    71. Grow an herb garden
    72. Take up work as a food photographer
    73. Photograph more people
    74. Try fashion photography
    75. Kiss someone in the rain
    76. Dye my hair a different colour
    77. Go on a safari
    78. Carve a pumpkin
    79. Try deep sea fishing
    80. Play street hockey with my friends
    81. Eat durian
    82. Try the lechon from Cebu
    83. Master the art of 拉面
    84. Expose a roll of Kodachrome and send it to the Kodachrome Project
    85. Buy a roll of Fuji Fortia SP and take pictures of the cherry blossoms
    86. Bring slide film processing back to Guam
    87. Self develop my film
    88. Participate in the Annual San Francisco Asian American Film Festival
    89. Attend a live concert of an artist I truly enjoy
    90. Ride in a hot air balloon
    91. Go to Japan and learn how to make real sushi
    92. Learn how to write in baybayin
    93. Get flickr blogged
    94. Try the 10 curry at Marianas Trench
    95. Bake a cheesecake
    96. Win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes
    97. Become a Getty Images Contributor
    98. Learn formal portraiture
    99. Lose myself in a big city
    100. Go to Disneyland and have a turkey leg
    101. Get Dr. Matson’s pizza recipe
    102. Steal Dr. Matson’s pizza oven
    103. Go to the Galápagos islands
    104. Take part in La Tomatina
    105. Do #61 again :)
    106. Bring myself to doing seascape photography
    107. Shoot in large format at least once, and self develop
    108. Buy my dream lens
    109. Collect star sand at Cocos Island
    110. Drive in Manila
    111. Attend my high school, and college reunions
    112. Take pictures in the snow
    113. Go ghost hunting with friends
    114. Eat at San Francisco’s House of Prime Rib on Nob Hill
    115. Build a sandcastle
    116. Build a tree house
    117. Go canoeing
    118. Buy a Hästens mattress
    119. ……
    120. ………*to be continued~